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About Micheal Young

Micheal Young became obsessed with the guitar at the age of 18, inspired by the likes of James Taylor, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, Chet Atkins and the Beatles. These days he is mostly inspired by singer/songwriters such as Walt Wilkins, David Wilcox, James Taylor (still!), Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark. His father used to drag him along to bluegrass festivals in the hills of the Missouri Ozarks and he gained an appreciation for the instrumental skills of the local pickers. While Micheal was never that moved by the old time bluegrass style, he was blown away by the (then) contemporary rock/jazz/blues/bluegrass fusion music coming from the likes of New Grass Revival, The Tony Rice Unit and The David Grisman Quartet. The mandolin was added to the toy box so he could participate in these styles. Micheal has been singing lead vocal and playing mandolin with Wires & Wood since 2004. Micheal does guitar, mandolin and vocals in the country/folk/rock band Too Far Gone. He is excited to be doing the same in the funky groove newgrass band ReInTarNayshun. He played guitar and did duet singing in the Americana/Western Swing band Rainberry Pie. He has played backing for just about everybody in the NZ acoustic music scene. You can find him in the jam sessions at the acoustic music festivals and performing at the music clubs around Auckland. After two years of intense study, he started offering recording engineering services in 2010. In 2014 he was a founding member of the modern up and coming indie folk rock band Albi & The Wolves, keeping very busy playing double bass.

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